Front Range Oral Surgery

Front Range Oral Surgery

Just Wisdom Teeth is a subsidiary of Colorado‘s premier oral maxillofacial surgery group, otherwise known as Front Range Oral Surgery. We have several offices to choose from, where you will be seen for Just Wisdom Teeth and other services performed by our oral surgeons.

Front Range Oral Surgery offers a full scope of oral surgery services, including Dental Implants, Extractions, Bone Grafting, Pathology and Trauma, among other services. If you have seen a dentist and have been referred to an oral surgeon, our doctors are available for consultations on any of these procedures listed. The good news is that Just Wisdom Teeth is housed within our Front Range Oral Surgery Facilities, so that all your surgical care can be completed under one roof. 

Please visit our parent company, Front Range Oral Surgery, oral maxillofacial surgeons offering not only Wisdom Teeth services but the full scope of oral maxillofacial surgery.